We believe in fair and transparent pricing.
Smaller panel owners pay less for the maintenance, while owners of bigger panels pay more.
How many orders will you get monthly?
Monthly cost


Each extra 100 000 orders increases the plan cost by $50.
Plan Monthly orders Monthly cost
How can I change my plan and increase order limit?
Our system automatically changes the Plan based on the number of orders you received in the last period. The starting plan is always Plan A for the first month. In the next periods, you will be charged depending on the number of orders from the previous period.
Do I get SMM services included?
You're paying for the panel maintenance — the necessary infrastructure for your SMM business, not for SMM services. To process orders, you can connect your panel with SMM service providers you know. Our platform doesn’t provide SMM services by itself.
Which orders are counted in the plan calculation?
Every order placed in the panel, whether completed or canceled is included into your monthly plan calculation. Each subscription and drip-feed order is counted as a regular single order.